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Programy EuromediaTV 

Filmy i cykle dokumentalne, telewizyjne spektakle teatralne

Television shows that are broadcast by the TV Theatre - we have produced adaptations of Dostoyevsky, Cervantes, Bulhakov, Kafka, Stendhal, as well as many plays written by distinguished Polish writers, such as Tadeusz Konwicki. Top Polish actors, diverse styles, well - known directors.

Documentary and series

A Township a five part series, tells the story of Polish Jews from a small township who survived the Holocaust. The film was the first to use archive film footage by an unknown operator during World War II.

On Polish Television Channel 2 we have introduced a series of discussions with distinguished Polish intellectuals, such as: writer Tadeusz Konwicki, actor Gustaw Holoubek, Adam Michnik essay writer and editor of Gazeta Wyborcza, the leading daily in Poland, and philosopher Leszek Kołakowski professor of Oxford University. Each discussion is a mini series of 10 segments of 14 minutes each.

Culture 2000 (for TVP2) for three years for Programme we produce series of documentary films presenting stories about polish culture in the last century.
In the film presenting polish literature Czesław Miłosz - Nobel prize winner was the narrator.
Jan Kott - excellent polish reviewer, Peters Brooks collaborator was the narrator in the piece about polish theatre , Andrzej Wajda - 1999 Oscar winner for the whole creation narrated film matters.

Poland - Without Fiction - september 2001 we had a premiere of our last documentary film, which launched a new series in Channel 2 Polish TV. Documentary films which are proposed in this series present contemporary picture of our country . This is a picture of Polish people leaving on the turn of the centuries, sometimes it is funny and grotesque , sometimes dramatic and thrilling.

People working for the editorial documentary office without any concessions talk about our reality absurd , with admiration they show places and events where people in spite of the troubles help each other. Each film presented in the new series has starting point - truth , sometimes hard and painful, sometimes surprising - without any fiction. Poland of defeat and success , our land of dreams and illusions , our land of promise on the turn of the centuries - it is a qualifying clause about picture of our country presented in the new documentary films series - Poland Without Fiction.

The first film from the series under the title: Sexopolo, was produced by Euromedia TV. Director was Edward Porembny - polish director leaving in England, Time Out prize winner. Sexopolo is a grotesque description of customs changes in Poland.

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